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Algae Peel

Natural Algae peel is rich in vitamin A, E and C in addition to minerals which help remove acne, spots, melasma and fine lines. It exfoliates the skin perfectly, which leads to the rejuvenation of the skin: stains are faded and can even be erased, rashes cutaneous are reduced, the appearance of the skin improves as a whole. The powder does not cause secondary reactions and risks of allergies are minimal.  Thanks to its 100% natural composition, the peeling can be done on women

that are pregnant and breastfeeding because no kind of acid gets into the blood.

Benefits are :

-Increased cell renewal

- Intense exfoliation

- Reduction and elimination of hyperpigmentation, controlled melasma & sun spots

- Mechanical and enzymatic effect

- Tightens pores, reduces acne & fights sebum production

- Boosts skin radiance, unifies & matifies the complexion

- Reduces dark circles under the eyes

- Improves sun damaged skin by reducing wrinkles

- Improves the appearance of sagging skin

- Reduction in the appearance of stretch marks

- Improves blood circulation

- Smoothes the skin

- Reduction of the appearance of atrophic scars

Screenshot (36).png

60min :

Single - $190

Series of 3 - $500

Algae Peel Before & After

Screenshot (37).png
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