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Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Microneedling is a Medical cosmetic procedure where very fine puncture the skin to various depths to cause a controlled injury and induce the skin to make more collagen , resulting in clear complexion.

Using high-quality equipment and products, microneedling becomes one of the most cost-effective modalities for skin resurfacing , sagging skin , wrinkles , scars , pigmentation , strech marks .

60min :

Single - $300

Series of 3 - $800

Series of 7 - $1800

Back treatment :


Series of 3 - $900

Series of  7 - 

●About Device

   We use eDermaStamp which is electronic micro-needling device , manufactured by Dermaroller -the original     company from Germany who invented the concept of aesthetic micro-needling for medical-aesthetic applications.

    ・Surgical-grade equipment and sterilized needles

    ・Highest perforation rate ( 150 needle movement per second )

    ・Most advanced safety features

    ・Highest quality products , specifically designed for micro-needling



●How it works

  Micro-needling with the eDermaStamp is a simple process which can be divided into three main steps:



  1. Cleansing  : Remove any product from treatment area ( i.e makeup ) 

  2.  Anesthesia : Use thick layer of topical anaesthesia cream ( 5% Lidocaine) to numb the skin and eliminate discomfort . Wait for 20 min or till skin is fully numb.

  3. Remove the remaining cream and disinfect the treatment area with 70% alcohol.

  4. Micro-needling treatment on skin , adjust the length of needles according to area of skin

  5. Once the treatment is completed , apply Dermaroller Hyaluronic acid Mask for at least 20 min. The mask enriches the skin with concentrated hyaluronic acid which reduces redness and discomfort , intensively hydrates the skin and promotes effective wound healing

●Post Treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure for at least 72 hours . Non- comedogenic sunblock cream can be applied after 24 hours if necessary.

  • Avoid any irritating, unauthorized skincare products for at least 48 hours . Light, mineral-based toner can be applied after 24 hours .

  • Avoid touching the skin and only wash with lukewarm water before going to sleep first 48 hours.

  • During the first 48 hours after the treatment , the client should only use Hyaluronic Acid products which were formulated by Dermaroller specifically for needled skin .

  • After 48 hours - the client can apply non-irritating products which we provide for you to take home.


Q: How often Can I have micro-needling treatment ?

    A:  We recommend to have Maximum result with 3 session of every 6 weeks for Anti-aging, Scar and stretch mark reduction treatment . 7 sessions of every 4 weeks for Pigment treatment.

Q: How long after can I see the result ?

    A: Results are not immediate , because the healing process is completed only after 5-6 weeks and collagen             remodelling can linger for months. The results are most noticeable 1-3 months after the last session .

Q: How long the result last ?

    A: Result are not permanent , because sking aging is an unstoppable process . 

Q: Is micro-needling treatment painful ?

    A: Micro-needling treatment is tolerate because the skin is numbed . However ,  you are expected to feel some discomfort , especially when treating delicate areas . 

Q: Is there downtime ?

    A: High quality equipment and products significantly reduce downtime . However , the skin is expected to be red and sensitive for about 24-48 hours after the treatment .

Q: Can I take shower on the day ?

    A: Yes, you can take shower the evening after microneedling . Just ensure that the water is not too hot .

Q: Is there side effects ?

    A: Failure to follow post treatment instructions can raise the risk for hyperpigmentation . You must avoid excessive sun exposure for 1 to 2 weeks after microneedling treatment . Do not apply sunscreen for 48 hours  post treatment .  Also Abnormal scar may appear . To minimize the risk, avoid picking or peeling the skin during the healing period .

You might feel slight burning , scratchy and irritated sensation after treatment . This is usually temporary and is gone within a few hours after treatment .

Microneedling increases penetration of topical substances , therefore may cause hypersensitivity to products. Minimize the risk by using topical made for microneedling .

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