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LED Light therapy

We use award winning device Celluma Light Therapy to treat wrinkles, Acne, and Pain condition. LED light therapy is the application of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits . Celluma delivers Blue , Red and near-infrared light energy simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions . 

Celluma PRO-Blue Acne Mode w Model (2).jpg

Blue Light mode for Acne

Celluma PRO-Red AntiAging Over Face (1).jpg

Red light mode for Anti aging

Celluma LITE-Shoulder Pain.jpg

Near Infrared mode for pain

Safety, effectiveness and value should always be the priority. Celluma is FDA cleared for the treatment of acne .

Celluma light therapy for acne treatment goes above and beyond to achieve better and faster skin-clearing results.

Because of Celluma’s unique ability to mold to the treatment area to improve cellular performance on a microscopic level, skin cells are able to absorb even more light energy in less time, speeding up the acne elimination and skin healing process. 

Celluma’s blue wavelengths kill the bacteria that causes breakouts, while reducing the inflammation, pimples and redness associated with acne.  

Celluma has more FDA clearances than any other panel-style light therapy device, so you can rest assured you’re getting high-quality blue light acne treatment that’s backed by science.

Proven red and near-infrared wavelengths are utilized in the Celluma SERIES of LED light therapy devices to combat the signs of aging. These specific wavelengths of light energy are clinically verified to enhance your body's natural ability to generate collagen and elastin by activating the fibroblast cells.

Increased fibroblast proliferation is just one benefit of LED red light therapy. Fibroblasts make collagen fibers, so it stands to reason that the more, and healthier, fibroblasts we have in the skin, the more and better collagen fibers are made. And as we all know, collagen synthesis and maintenance is the bedrock of anti-aging.

Near-infrared offers a whole new set of medical benefits that are clinically proven to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface layer to target muscle and joint pain at the source, providing much-needed relief for people who suffer from inflammation and injury.

In the same way that plants grow by getting their energy from the sun during photosynthesis, Infrared light therapy -- or “low-level light” therapy -- uses specific, proven wavelengths to stimulate a natural response in human tissue that can increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, ease muscle pain, relieve joint stiffness, and enhance overall cell performance on a microscopic level. Infrared light therapy works by boosting cellular energy to encourage and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.

30 min :

Single - $50

Series of 10 - $400

Before & After 

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