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Fire & Ice Facial

Fire & Ice facial is a clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles ,  acne and hyperpigmentation ,smoothing , softening and encouraging cellular renewal with little or no down time.


●Benefits are

             ●Increases microcirculation and cellular metabolism

             ●Helps unclog congested pores

             ●Immediately smooths and polishes the skin

             ●Provides powerful hydration

             ●Revitalizes aging and compromised skin

             ●For all skin type


Q : How often Can I have this treatment ?

   A : Once a month

Q : Is this chemical peel ?

   A : No . this is controlled deep exfoliation treatment.

Q : Can I wear make up right after this treatment ?

   A : Yes, you can wear makeup right after . But sunscreen is must under makeup .

Q : Am I going to feel hot on my face during this treatment since this name is fire & ice ?

   A :  No , but tingling sensation occur on most of the client with first masque for 3-5min only.

60 min :

Single - $110

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